Investment Opportunities is actively looking for partners to support our work and contribution towards improving access to water for the rural poor. We are an organization with strong links to field-based programs and enjoy excellent partnerships with several humanitarian organizations and professionals in the water, sanitation and hygiene sector. The track record of our staff and previous successful engagements speak to the effectiveness of our specialized knowledge.

Partnering with offers several opportunities:

  • Networking, Knowledge Generation and Dissemination: sharing of experiences and insights across development actors through studies, training events, research and media products. Working with other key players—representatives from governments, civil society, NGOs, and the private sector—to create demand for household water treatment. This includes financial & technical support to maintain and expand this web site.
  • Programme supervision: financial assistance towards the implementation of micro-projects by NGOs or grassroots organisations. This way, the quality implementation of several small projects implemented by different organisations can be guaranteed through a single large grant.
  • Quality Control: helping client organisations ensure the quality of their bio-sand filter activities.
  • Programme implementation: financing national or regional programmes, aimed at mass production and sale of bio-sand filters. Supported by effective social marketing, such programmes have the potential to provide clean water to hundreds of thousands of people.
  • Research and development: increasing scientific knowledge about bio-sand filtration. This not only includes technical research, but also studies on sustainability, social marketing and project evaluation.


The resources of are used to generate the greatest benefits possible by being selective, focused, and responsive. To engage, we look for a strong demand and ownership, along with projects that maximize the impact of clean water supply on poor, marginalized people. Being a small organization, we could not possibly have an impact at scale without key partners, and so we collaborate in the field with the leading sector organizations, both global and local. With a close relationship to quality NGOs and sector specialists we are able to leverage large-scale impacts.

However, we need additional funding and encouragement from donors and partners. New opportunities for expanded assistance are identified in many African and Asian countries. Support to these programs can be through direct financial support, seconding staff or services.

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