Further research

Further research is definitely needed to widen the knowledge base concerning slow sand filtration. This especially applies to the relatively recently developed intermittent household slow sand filter. Although the research done to date on the intermittent filter is very encouraging, there are still gaps in the knowledge base and more research needs to be carried out on both its technical and social aspects. This is all the more important since the potential for this simple technology to positively impact the health of thousands of low-income people is enormous.

One of the main reasons for the existence of this website is to draw together and analyse existing data on sand filtration, especially intermittent sand filtration. A lot of data is out there, but often stored in project files or in obscure journals. We aim at biosandfilter.org to bring this information to one place where it can be accessed more easily. Any organisations that have new or missing data to add regarding any form of slow sand filter project or study, please send it in to the contact address provided. Similarly, we welcome any comments about the accuracy of the information on this website. Any comments will be dealt with seriously – we want the best web resource on this technology and we would appreciate all constructive input regarding the content.

Some possible further areas of research are described in the links on the left. CAWST also have a very comprehensive list of topics for further research available here.

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