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    OK I\’ve had a look and came up with 2 documents, one that looks at
    intermittent and the other at continous flow filtration. In general, it
    looks pretty good as far as cyanobacterial toxins are concerned.

    The first is a study done by Bojcevska and Jergil in 2003. They looked at
    normal BSFs and those with GAC added. They found that all filters removed
    toxins but seemingly at different rates, but were not entirely sure if the
    process was due to GAC or biological degradation more. There are contact
    details for the authors on page 3. This study seems to have been done in
    Mozambique using intermittet BSFs.

    The second is by Grutzmacher et al in 2002 which found BSFs to be effective
    at removing both dissolved and cell-bound microcystins, and this was
    attributed to biological degradation. These experiments were run on large
    scale continally operated filters.

    Let me know if you would like me to email these documents to you



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