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    We have put a filter made from a large oildrum in a village in Mali. The output of the filter seems to be enough to provide the village of 80 people with at least their drinking water needs. The villagers say that they have not been sick since. It costed (not counting the stainless steel sieves)about 30 euros that is a local plumber the pipes an oildrum and sand/transport. It has been running for almost three years now. There was a village where even more people used it. If you calculate the volume and the max waterspeed you could calculate the size of the filter. but I think it almost always easier to use more filters at the same time as we do.
    We have tried it all well jetting, well drilling, but filtering comes out as the cheapest/best even here in Holland. Good luck and thanks to people like Eric!
    does anybody have experience with rockwool pellets as an alternative medium to sand?

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