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    I agree with Diugs idea of using material other than ferrocement as is done many NGOs. The ferrocemt filter are expensive to make and back breaking in terms of logistics. I have been using HDPE /PVC pipes of 6 inc dia . They can be made as DIY by individuals or fabricated by NGOs. I feel people coming into the field new should not start the ferrocemt model. I have done extensive reserch on this subjects using heavy contamination with E – Coli and found plastic model work as well or better than ferrocemet models.

    I have found out through extensive reserch that the height of the filter can be reduced by half with the same efficiency of as of the version -10 model. I now use quotas sand for the bio layer with lower bed of manganese green sand to remove iron and other heavy metals. This mix gives several times capacity for turgidity removal also. Try it out . Pls contact me in the follwing e-mail I’d for further assistance .

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