• Eric


    Hi Dave

    We used to put the pipe internally when making filters in Sudan. Just use PVC drainage pipe, maybe 15-20mm diameter. A horizontal section can lie on the filter base inside – this can be perforated o on the underside. This then bends upwards and follows the filter wall inside until it bends again and exits the filter wall.

    The bends can be made using PVC fittings in your case. The place where it exits the wall needs to be kept watertight – I think you will have best success by using a male and female threaded PVC adaptor on either side. The adaptor piece has a threaded side and a smooth side. The male thread component of one of the pieces goes through the hole in the wall and screws into the female thread component. Then both of them are glued to PVC pipes to continue. To make it watertight, 2 washers made of car or tractor inner tube should be cut and put on either side of the filter wall – when you tighten the adaptors together they will press on these washers.

    Hope this helps.


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