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    Q1. This was just the question I was going to ask, We plan to build 2, possibly 3, practice BioSandFilters in plastic barrels /containers before leaving the UK and going abroad, – is possible/ok to put the up outlet pipe INSIDE the barrel /container? as we think it less likely to get broken off or damaged and there will be less water-pressure on the hole if is at the top than at the bottom of the barrel, so less likely to leak.

    Q2. Is it ok to use ordinary every day Garden Hose? as this is easily available, easy to cut (garden secateurs) and the attachments are easy to use (just click them together).

    Q3. Are the 2 gravel levels at the bottom simply to keep sand out of the finished water and not clog the outlet pipe up or are they part of the filtration process? Would a second diffuser plate do the job just as well?

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