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    …also further advantages to using ordinary everyday hose is; it is flexible, if you knock it hard, it will just bend not break off, it will not need special attachments like T- junctions and L-bows or stoppers or accurate cutting or any special glue, unlike PVC tubing , if you have made the drain array slight too big for example, just spiral the hose a bit more you don’t have to be too careful with it, get all your measurements super accurate.

    To make to the “Drain Aray” as I said we were planning to just use some hose spiralled at the bottom of the barrel with some nail-size holes banged into it, with the holes facing upwards we also plan to use hose to make the baffle, again with hose with some small holes banged into it facing upwards possibly inwards towards the side of the plastic barrel so the water just trickles down. Is this a sensible idea in your experience or have we missed something big?

    Oh, by the way, I forget to put my name last time, it is Carl. I look forward to your reply, many thanks for your help. Carl :o)

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