Additional media. Any good?

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    Would there be any bennefits to adding the following media to the top of the filter sand. My thinking is they may be beneficial to airobic activity. I am thinking of collecting rain water which i understand do not have the mineral content benefits so maybe these stones will also fix this.

    Maifan stones Filter Media for Aquariums and ponds

    Suitable for salt and fresh water.

    Strong Absorption, the maifan stones are made up of porous cotton shaped elements, they have a strong capability of ion exchange

    which enables them to absorb the wastes, bacteria and heavy metals.
    They contain plenty of minerals such as, Al, Fe, Na, Ca, Mg, Tai, K plus Ion, these can fully meet the fishes necassary

    Maifan Stones cannot only absorb the waste and offer the minerals that the fish need. They can also adjust the percentage of

    minerals in the water to always keep the waters PH level in neutral.
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    Coral Sands Filter Media for Aquariums and ponds


    Suitable for salt and fresh water.

    Highly efficent, the rate of porosity varies 35%-60%.
    They posses both physical and biochemical filtering functions.
    The product is clean, poisen free, odorless and insoluble in water.
    The product can be used for a long time without any change in shape.
    They can be used in various kinds of filtering, it is acid-proof, alkali-resistant and salt tolerant.

    Its numerous pores can deposit nitrifying bacteria and supply them a suitable environment for growing.

    The aneaerobic layer inside the filter material can promote the growth of nitrifiying bacteria. For more on the surface of the

    filter material there is an enriched oxygen layer which is suitable for the growth of nitrifying bacteria, thus the 2 layers

    form a perfect microorganic water treatment.

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GuestAdditional media. Any good?