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    Hi all, I am the founding President of Life and Water Development Group, an NGO in Cameroon. We have been working to develop local communities and constructing bio sand filters and training the local communities to be able to do this by themselves. We would be very happy to meet other NGOs or people that are working towards the same direction of changing lives around the world through Bio Sand Filters so we can work together with them.

    There is more to do especially in Africa before introducing this new technology. More to do is educating the people because they need to know what it is all about before they can be able to use it properly. We are happy and strongly believe that the poorest African can afford a Bio Sand Filter and will have cleaner water than other people in the urban areas. So let\’s work together to make this happen even to the urban areas. Our NGO is still the only one in Cameroon that is working on this technology and I would want to have many more Cameroonians and Africans trained to be able to develop their communities.

    Do contact me at: tel.: +237 7771 62 88 or e-mail me at:
    Peter Njodzeka
    Founding President
    Life and Water Development Group – Cameroon (NGO)
    Tel.: +237 7771 62 88

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    Peter, we are working in Cameroon – Bamendjou area- and will be helping the community build, install, and use biosand filters. We will contact you directly.
    Steve Dentel
    Engineers Without Borders
    University of Delaware

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