biology of schmutzdecke and salinity

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    I am trying to find someone familiar with the biology of the schmutzdecke to answer a relatively straightforward question: will a schmutzdecke form if a biosand filter is used with a saline solution? If so, what are the upper limits on the salinity? I would assume that as oceanic life is quite abundant at the microscopic level that a saline schmutzdecke is theoretically viable. The question is, has anyone determined this one way or the other?

    As for why I\’d be interested in filtering saline water… I\’m afraid I\’ll stay tight-lipped on that for now. Once I have my answer, I will certainly share my reasons.

    Any response can be sent to afn-salinebiosand [at] tenletters [dot] com.

    Andrew Netherton

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    No idea on that one.


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Guestbiology of schmutzdecke and salinity