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    I am reaserching Biosand Filters for a posible way to solve water sanitation problums in Sub-Saharan Africa. Could any one tell me the cost for plastic filters,or any problums the new filters have.

    John Dismer
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    We don’t have the plastic filters available at the moment – I think there are some filters produced now by International Aid (check out http://www.internationalaid.org/pdf/IA08BioFilterFact.pdf). I believe that these are plastic and mass produced but I have no idea of price or suitability yet.


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    Hi, We have started mass production of plastic bio-filters ( as per vrsion 10 specifications)
    We can supply at the rate of 25 US for orders above 500 pieces. ( without sand and concrete)The cost does not include transportation . The plastic filters are light weight and stackable, hence the trnasprtation cost will be quite low .

    Please contact me for photographs and specifications josephmankidy@gmail.com . Phone 00919249491138

    Dr.Joseph , Cochin Child Foundation

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    The above . Pls read sand & gravel ( filling media) not sand and concrete, sorry about it

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    Thank you Dr. Joseph.
    Do you know if $25US is a pretty standard price for biosand filters? Or does it depend on the company and location they are located? Are the people generally able to afford the filters or do you rely on donations? Does anyone else here implement biosand filters and if so what is the price of your filter?

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    regarding cost of Hydraid Plastic Filter. cost is $40-50 and I believe includes media. they have some kind of shipping agreements with US Navy for selected destinations so you need to contact Hydraid directly.

    A couple projects in Colombia estimate their filter (difusor basket,media, receptacle and chlorine dropper bottle)to be approx $50. Nothing to import and paying local labour to make filter.

    AI know a couple projects making BSF from PVC pipe. I’ve checked it out and components alone (withoout labour or media) are pushing $45

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