Grey water in India

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    The context:
    Increasingly dense urban environment with shortage of water;
    The client:
    Middle class household;
    The space:
    1 Meter between the house and the compound wall;
    The water:
    Only grey water, no kitchen washing water but kitchen vegetable washing sink. And of course plus washing machine and showers/ sink;
    The intended usage:
    Flushing toilet and watering garden;
    Outcome desired:
    Non smelly water and as much as possible, color less;

    The solutions we have done:
    – Simple small baffle tank to seperate solid and so reduce oxygen demand;
    – Slow sand filter: 1 foot free board + 1 foot 1mm sand + gravel and drain pipe.
    Water remains in contact with the sand approx 6 hours

    Result after one month:
    – Water is fairly clear, down to one foot we can see through. Smell, still very little.

    Anybody would have inputs on to improve this system or quideline in sizing?

    Thank you

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martin.lafGrey water in India