Microorganismes is Existing in the Filtered Water

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    I do not know why microorganismes (oligochaete) stay bottom part of sand layer and run out in the filtered water.
    I have some thesises which is explained that microorganism live schumtzdecke or upper few centimeter.Also in my study, I got same result that is a nunber of them grudually decrease toward bottom part.

    And I could not get bottom sand sample remaining flowing water. So, I do not have any data

    Does anyone have information about this or know how to get the sand sample of bottom layer.

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    I have a few documents regarding bacterial populations within the sand layer that may be of interest to your question. If you email me your email address I can send. My email is ericfewster @ bushproof . com



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GuestMicroorganismes is Existing in the Filtered Water