Potential for mercury removal

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    Hello, I\’m writing from Indonesia, where my local organization (WALHI Kalimantan Barat) has recently asked me to do some research into small-scale water filters for communities living along a river heavily contaminated with mercury (mainly from illegal gold mining operations in the area).

    I have worked a bit with CAWST BioSand water filters in Uganda in the past, but to my knowledge they are not great at removing heavy metals. I\’d appreciate any thoughts on this, or even any information on where I might be able to look.

    Lena Bunzenmeyer

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    Hi Lena

    Check out the link http://biosandfilter.org/biosandfilter/index.php/item/302

    This details what I know about sand filter capacity to remove heavy metals. Check out the reference to Palmateer et al which looked at HgCl2 removal – I can send you this by email if you like, just let me know.


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    Great, thanks so much!

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GuestPotential for mercury removal