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    NGO We are an NGO actively working with bio-sand filters. Your research project sounds very worthwhile. From approximately 1996 to early 2002, most of our challenges with respect to dissemination of the technology related to the proving its effectiveness. Now, we are finding that there is enough information and scientific studies verifying its effectiveness, but people are now questioning its sustainability. So your research will be very helpful in this regard. We are now planning to do a research project in the Dominican Republic and Haiti aimed at developing systems which the local communities can use to monitor their own water supply. We plan to integrate health monitoring with water quality testing and water management processes. Accreditation programs for members of the local community will be developed in conjunction with this. Once we have had some feedback on the research concept from the proposed researchers, we will be able to tell you more.

  • Medair


    I just read the communication of Adriaan Mol. If you are interested we have
    produced a video VHS – PAL tape about the construction and clean-up of the filter from our project in Mozambique. If it’s any use to you please let me know.

  • bbuzunis


    I had the good fortune of visiting Nicaragua (Dec 2005) where we implemented the first Filter project. People there continue to use the concrete filters we built together over ten years ago and they still use them appropriately. I didn\’t have a test kit so I drank a glass of water and never experienced any ill effects.

    It would be interesting to actually go and do a survey to see how many of the original 56 filters survive, what people remember in terms of operation and what kind of performance they are getting.

    B. J. Buzunis, P.Eng

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