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    Although the majority of our filter experiences have been positive, our own analysis of the differences between successful and unsuccessful filter projects in the field, as well as feedback from our clients indicate that additional tools are required to enable the technology to be transferred from NGO to NGO or from NGO to user with more integrity.

    Regards, Staff member of NGO working with filters.

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    Improved training materials have been developed by CAWST while online material is available via CAWST organizes trainings and is probably happy to share training materials they have developed with all who build filters. However, they ask that at least one person from your organization participates in the training that CAWST offer. Preferably this person should have a background in water projects or household water treatment, and can then act as your in-house expert on the technology.

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    We had the same trouble. People who paid for filters to be made for them, often didn’t take any responsibility for their maintenance. Before long the technology and the providers where getting a bad reputation. We switched to the CMS Home made biological filter on and adapted some of the training material posted there (they are crude but effective), initially as a trial. Simple enough to use plastic drums rather than clay jars.
    In the new areas where we started with this home made technique we just haven’t had those problems. People are even training each other to make filters independently.

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