water reclamation in urban area

  • nadiabini


    We are working on a water reclamation project for a Montreal household where our aim is to redirect used bath/shower and bathroom sink water (no laundry facilities on site), sand-filter it, store it and redirect it to the toilets for flushing (minimum storage capacity iss approx 45 gallons). The water does not need to be potable, but we would like it to be clear and low-odor. We are hoping to reduce domestic water consumption by up to 30% through this process, as well as help serve as a concrete example of direct water reduction in an urban area. The project we are developing is a demonstration site that will serve as an example of eco-friendliness and environmental construction. We are hoping to avoid phytofiltration and believe that simple sand filtration would do the trick We are looking for technical advice and support for such a system, and would like for it to be home-made if possible. If anyone has any advise or links please forward.
    Many thanks.

  • Eric



    I’m not sure I am much use to you there, since treatment of wastewater using biosand filtration is not an area I have any experience in. My gut feeling is that what you probably need is something more akin to rapid sand filtration, where there is some removal but not as complete as slow sand filtration. I can try and find out some references for you – I\’m sure there is a heap already researched on this.

    Eric Fewster

  • bbuzunis


    Try a google search for Dave Manz and or Dav Nor. Dave has the north american patent rights on the process which would probabaly work well for an application like yours.

    B. J. Buzunis, P.Eng

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nadiabiniwater reclamation in urban area