Through experienced BushProof staff, can provide expertise in a number of areas.


  • Project design, proposal writing;
  • Proposal analysis for intervention logic and feasibility;
  • Technical support to ongoing projects (email / phone).

On site (world-wide, remote or insecure areas included):

  • Surveys, investigative missions, programme design (including proposal and budget development), project preparation, project site selection, sand source identification;
  • Technical support to ongoing projects, both through field assignments or through email/phone;
  • Investigation of local donor potential;
  • Training for NGO staff on technical and programme issues;
  • Monitoring, evaluations and impact assessments.

A project evaluation for Medair in December 2004 was an example of a recent on-site assignment carried out by BushProof. The evaluation covered several aspects of the emergency intervention programme initiated earlier in the year, part of which was a micro-enterprise driven bio-sand filtration programme. The evaluation involved microbiological analysis and identifying the possible root causes for discrepancies found, and also reviewed and advised on marketing and publicity techniques.

In addition, BushProof can assist in emergencies through the provision of technical WatSan expertise with a focus on appropriate solutions. The focus of such assignments will be much wider than just bio sand filter interventions.

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